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Excursion for a day

Have a fun day

Within a couple of hours drive from Munkedal you will find exciting places to visit for a day.

Cafe town Alingsås
Alingsås has a flourishing café culture. With a unique and authentic history of long established cafés and bakeries, the Swedish fika-tradition is still alive and thrives in Alingsås. Today Alingsås is The Capital of Fika. There are currently around 30 different cafés in Alingsås – three of which are featured in the White Guide as the best cafés in the entire country.

Carlstens Fästning Marstrand
On the island of Marstrand you will find Carlstens Fortress. The fortress has been a protection for the littIe town on the island for over 300 years. 

Fredrikstens Fästning Halden
Fredrikstens Fortress is located i Halden just across the Norweigan border. The Swedish King Karl XII was killed at the fortress in 1718.

Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden. The city is located by the sea and is a charming city with a lot of nice places to visit. Exciting museums, interesting sights, lots of activities and an amazing archipelago. Discover Gothenburg!

Halle- och Hunneberg Vargön
The plateau of Halle- and Hunneberg is an ecopark and offers grandiose nature, with royal hunting grounds, hiking trails, lots of elk and a history that leads back to Nordic mythology. Visit the Royal Hunt Museum on Elk Hill and discover Halle- and Hunneberg - the mountain of kings, gods and gold. At the museum you are given the opportunity to explore the mountains Halleberg and Hunneberg.

Koster och Kosterhavets Nationalpark
On the west coast of Sweden, on the border to Norway, the first marine national park in Sweden is established. The marine environment here is influenced by the Atlantic and it includes habitats and species found nowhere else in Swedish waters.

This area, Kosterhavet, is also a valuable recreational resource - it is one of Sweden´s most visited tourist destinations - and has an important inshore fishery, mostly for prawns and Norwegian lobsters. Protecting and maintaining the natural and economic wealth of Kosterhavet is one of the great challenges in managing this new national park. The main information centre - "naturum Kosterhavet" - in Ekenäs on South Koster offers expert help and has displays about the natural history of Kosterhavet.

Läckö Slott Lidköping
Läckö Slott, Magnus de la Gardie’s baroque mansion, has a magnificent location on a promontory in the Eken archipelago in Vänern, just outside Lidköping. Walk around in the gardens, go to a concert and dine at the restaurant Hvita Hjorten. At naturum Vänerskärgården - Victoriahuset you can learn more about the unique natural and cultural environment of Kållandsö and Vänern.

Lödöse Museum Lödöse
Lödöse Museum is an exciting mix of museum and library – in the place of one of the most important medieval towns in Sweden. In our exhibitions you will meet merchants and pilgrims, kings and queens, which tells the story of life and the Black Death in medieval Lödöse - the city that was burned down and rebuilt several times over the centuries. 

Nordiska Akvarellmuseet Skärhamn
Visitors come to The Nordic Watercolour Museum to view exhibitions from all over the world, listen to interesting lectures or enjoy a concert. The unique coastal site means that you can combine art with a dip in the sea, mingle cultural experiences with good food. You can also visit our open studio to paint for a while.

Oslo Norge
Oslo is the capital of Norway and beautifully located on the shore tonOslofjorden.

Pilane Skulpturpark Klövedal
Join a unique art experience. Every summer a sculpture exhibition with world-leading artists is arranged in the middle of the Bohuslän cultural landscape, with its grazing sheep and traces from the Stone Age. Sculpture in Pilane is a wild experience for all ages.

Skulpturpark Udden Hunnebostrand
Sculpture exhibition in Hunnebostrand with artists from all over the world.

Vitlycke Museum Världsarv Tanumshede
Vitlycke museum gives you a real insight into the Bronze Age world and is a great experience for the whole family. You’ll be fascinated by the landscape and the well-preserved rock carvings, which are on the Unesco World Heritage List.