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Photographer: Anders Husa

Restarants with local produce on the menu

In Skaraborg we value locally sourced food, as can be seen in many of our local restaurants. Seasonal dishes using locally produced ingredients are key components on the menu, and many of the restaurants can be found in Sweden’s White Guide to restaurant dining. Here we provide our tips for some real gems that not only offer a delicious culinary experience, but also a charming setting and a unique atmosphere.


Out in the beautiful Falbygden district, or more precisely in Friggeråker, at Wrågården farm you will find a whole park of fallow deer, elk and bison. You can sleep soundly in unique elk and bison cottages, eat organic home-grown vegetables and Swedish meat, more than likely from the farm itself. And how about a tasty bison burger?

Photographer: Jonas Ingman @ Bruksbild

Not far away, at Falköping Golf Club, is WG Golfrestaurang. Their menu features mostly traditional Swedish fare with a modern twist. All food is prepared from scratch in their kitchen using local ingredients. This includes organic vegetables and meat from Wrågården farm.

If you like locally produced food, nature and art, then you are sure to appreciate Löfwings Ateljé & Krog. Here you can enjoy Göran Löfwing’s nature-inspired art, the idyllic natural surroundings and delicious food. Close to Lake Hornborgasjön, countless visitors head here to savour a wonderful and inspiring combination of culinary art and culture.

Photographer: Fredric Sehéler

In central Falköping you can eat and sleep well at the stylish and modern Teaterbaren and Hotell Falköping and in the beautiful rooms at Mösseberg Health Resort and Arvids Restaurang & Bar. Both restaurants offer a local dining experience using seasonal ingredients sourced from nearby farms. 


In the small community of Forshem on Kinnekulle is Forshems Gästgivaregård. Local ingredients and culinary traditions are key concepts here and on offer is an exciting culinary adventure at one of Sweden’s oldest inns. The kitchen team uses only seasonal local ingredients. This means game meat from Kinnekulle, fish from Lake Vänern, vegetables, fruit, berries and mushrooms from the forest and local growers.

Photographer: Monika Manowska


In a traditional 17th-century mill setting you will find Stampens Kvarn, beautifully situated along Hjoåns dalgång nature reserve. Flour was ground here right up until the mid 1960s, and today the electricity for the kitchen is still produced by the waters of the River Hjoån driving the mill turbines. Stampens Kvarn chiefly uses local ingredients and you will dine on classic traditional Swedish fare in the cosy setting within the timber walls of the mill. 

Photographer: Stampens Kvarn


Retro-inspired hotel BriQ houses a restaurant of the same name. You will be surrounded by walls papered with 1960s magazine covers, string shelves, illustrations and photo art. So take a seat here and enjoy the expertly prepared lunches featuring both modern and classic home cooking. 


Between Esplanaden and Nya Stadens torg you will find a real treasure in Mellbygatans ost & delikatesser. This is a place for those who appreciate good food and fine cheeses. Take a seat in this wonderful setting, or in the cosy courtyard, and enjoy lunches, soups, salads and sandwiches with a touch of luxury. With sustainability in mind, most products here are organic and locally sourced.

Photographer: Lena Frick

If you head out into the surrounding countryside, to Kållandsö island and Spiken, you will find the well-renowned Restaurang Sjöboden. Here you can savour top-quality local delicacies, while enjoying views of the boats and boathouses of the fishing village of Spiken. Not far away, another appealing dining experience on offer is Restaurang Hvita Hjorten. The light, open setting of Naturum Visitor Centre Vänerskärgården – Victoriahuset also boasts excellent views of Baroque gem Läckö Castle. The Hvita Hjorten serves delicious food made from local ingredients. You can dine on crops from Läckö Castle’s very own Small Castle Garden as well as local vegetable growers, farmers, hunters and Lake Vänern fishermen. 

Photographer: Tina Stafren


In Mariestad’s guest harbour, with a front-row seat for lake views and sunsets, is Sill & Dynamit. Enjoy the beautiful vista and the sound of lapping waves, while dining on lovingly prepared cuisine made using locally sourced ingredients. The expert chefs here are inspired by produce from the surrounding forests, lakes and farms in West Sweden. 

Photographer: Elisabet Johansson

Along Sweden’s blue ribbon, the Göta Canal, lies Norrqvarn Hotell & Konferens. You can eat and sleep well here in a tranquil setting and it provides an excellent base for many activities in the region. Norrqvarn’s food philosophy focuses on highlighting local ingredients to be found in Skaraborg, as evidenced when viewing the menu and tasting their fantastic cuisine. 


Amidst a picturesque water and garden landscape beside the River Flian, close to Lake Hornborgasjön, stands the traditional Herrtorps Qvarn. It offers both charming accommodation and delicious dinners, prepared using organic ingredients. The kitchen team creates dishes from forest and field depending on what nature provides at any given time. Enjoy early spring vegetables, fruity summer flavours or autumn delicacies. 


In the heart of Skövde you will find a true gem in Den lilla krogen, a restaurant for food-lovers. This small, cosy venue offers big taste experiences, with lovingly prepared, organic and locally produced food.

Photographer: Tobias Andersson

Just a few miles from the centre of Skövde is Knistad Herrgård. A place that not only looks good, but also tastes good. Guests will find familiar dishes on the menu, but with the chef’s own special twist. The ingredients are sourced from the local region, and every so often from the manor’s own garden and fields. Knistad’s cuisine embodies forest, farm and field.


Right beside the Göta Canal, in Töreboda guest harbour, you will find Restaurang Krubb. Take a seat in this cosy, rustic restaurant or the wonderful outdoor seating area and enjoy expertly prepared food made from locally sourced ingredients. 

Photographer: Krubb


When you step through the doors of Kronan in Vara you are actually entering a listed building that once housed a cinema. With its hand-painted ceiling, dating from 1928 and over six metres high, the restaurant itself is a glorious setting. It serves Swedish classics alongside exciting new dishes, and you can also choose beverages from West Sweden’s largest collection of single-malt whiskies, just over 800 bottles and counting. From one historic building to another. Or more specifically, a castle.

Photographer: Rickard L Eriksson

At Bjertorp Slott you can stroll around the castle gardens and savour the historic atmosphere. The castle restaurant serves creative dishes featuring delicious flavours and ingredients from local suppliers. You can select accompanying drinks for your meal from the castle’s own wine cellar. 


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