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Photographer: Jan Simonsson Strömstad Höjdfoto

Visitor centre Kosterhavet

Learn everything you need to know about Kosterhavet National Park

At naturum Kosterhavet visitor centre on (Sydkoster) South Koster island, off the Bohuslän coast, you can learn everything you need to know about Kosterhavet National Park – Sweden’s first National Marine Park.

The visitor centre is a stone’s throw from the Ekenäs jetty on South Koster. It is a staffed information centre where visitors can get answers to questions about the national park, pick up maps and find lots of information. There is an exhibition with photos, interactive activities and a microscope where you can look at your own beach discoveries. There is also an aquarium here with a touch tank where you can see and feel some of Kosterhavet’s inhabitants.

While you’re here discover South Koster island’s natural charms and walk the signposted trail that takes you along the shoreline. 

Getting here: Kosterbåtarna/the Koster Boats depart year-round from norra hamnen, Strömstad, street adress Ångbåtskajen.  The trip takes about 45 minutes. A route you pass through beautiful archipelago areas and cross the Koster fjord’s deep trench. At Västtrafik you can find information yourself on connections and timetables to the Koster islands. 

Film presentations and audio guide

Visit the auditorium at Naturum to see three fascinating films; The Kosterhavet National Park and Ytre Hvaler, Sweden’s National Parks and Sweden celebrates 100 years of nature conservation. The films are around 18 minutes long.

There is also a free Audio Guide in English, German, Norwegian and Arabic that narrates the story of the permanent exhibitions.

Down at the beach

In the summer there are guided tours on the Koster islands and the centre all arranges marine discovery trips where you and your family or friends can discover the myriad life forms that live in the water here. You can try seine and net fishing, as well as digging for worms and mussels.

Contact information

Kosterhavets nationalpark

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45205 Sydkoster

Phone: +46 10 224 54 00

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