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Photographer: Tranemo

Go canoeing in Tranemo
Tranemo, Dalstorp, Nittorp

Miles of beautiful waterways and lakes

In Tranemo, you’ll find miles and miles of waterways and beautiful lakes that are waiting for you to discover them by boat or kayak. Here, in the southern part of Western Sweden, you’ll find calm and silence as you glide through the wilderness.

The Svenljunga-Tranemo area’s characteristic lakes and waterways can be found in almost every community in the region. There are lots of opportunities to paddle along for miles in your canoe or kayak. Streams surrounded by open meadows or enchanted forests, lakes with great fishing and wonderful birdlife.

Canoeing on Jälmån

Experience Swedish nature at its best and try a family-friendly day trip without any troublesome lifting. Choose from a seven, ten, or 15 kilometre trip. Along the trail there are places to barbecue as well as windbreaks. 

Rent a canoe

Take your own canoe or kayak, or rent a canoe when you get here.

The Yellow House in Uddebo

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