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  • Photographer: Manda Schilleräs

  • Photographer: Manda Schilleräs

Strömfors industrial community

Experience industrial history in Strömsfors

Come and see our heritage rich environment. Take a picnic and enjoy the scenery while following our accessible history trail.

A little history 

Strömsfors is located inland in Svenljunga local authority on the border with Tranemo in the sub-region of Sjuhärad in western Sweden. Explore the many lakes and wonderful nature and the history of the area’s industrial past. 

Strömsfors' history is characterised mostly by the development, operations and the eventual closure of Strömsfors Bruk, but the textile industry has also been an important part Strömsfors’ heritage.

The industrialisation of Strömsfors started during the second half of the 19th century and was made possible by the power from the River Assman, which runs through the area. At this time, hydropower was of great importance for the construction and operation of factories and The winding River Assman with its many rapids and falls was an excellent source of power.

In the present day, nature, the watercourse but also the heritage rich environment are all important to the future of the area. Both the mill and the old dwelling house are currently being renovated. The area is beginning to flourish again with activity and renovations. There is also a café and the old manor house, Villa Strömsfors, has become a unique hotel. 

Strömsfors Berättarstig

This approximately 1 kilometre trail is guided by story boards in three languages. The storyboards tell the story behind the old buildings in Strömsfors, the beautiful manor and the workshop known for the labelling machine "Svenske". Strömsfors is located in Svenljunga, 60 minutes from Gothenburg. 

This section features around ten storyboards which tell the story of the historic buildings in Strömsfors. The storyboards feature three languages and are placed along the water. It is easy to follow the trail by either car, with a walker, pushchair or wheelchair. Information about the trail is available to collect at the information board. Settle down with a blankets and picnic basket at Stinsens åker and enjoy a coffee in beautiful surroundings. 

Strömsforsgruppen promotes cultural activities in Strömsfors

Strömsforsgruppen is a not-for-profit developmental organisation with a membership consisting of individuals, companies and residents. The organisation aims to preserve and showcase the industrial environment in a new and exciting way. Strömsforsgruppen aims to make Strömsfors into must visit tourist destination in western Sweden.

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