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  • Welcome to Svenljunga & Tranemo

    Hike around the beautiful lake Såken, a hilly hiking trail of 18 km

    Photographer: Cykla och vandra i Sjuhärad



...in Västra Götaland. On the border with Småland and Halland, among hundreds of lakes, winding rivers and dense forests, you will find Svenljunga and Tranemo. Experience true nature in undisturbed and peaceful surroundings. Our area is also known as Kind, home to the former border with Denmark, which is reflected in our cultural heritage. We also have cultural treasures dating back to the Middle Ages, with Torpa Stenhus as a natural focus point and a myriad of surrounding heritage sites...

Explore nature on foot or two wheels

Beautiful days with energising sunshine. We long to get out into the great outdoors, watch as flowers emerge from the soil and trees turn green, while we listen to the chorus of birdsong. Lace up your walking boots, jump on your bike and head out, we have suggested a number of routes for you!

Does the fish bite?

Go fishing

You can fish all year round and it is a fun experience for all ages. Our lake-rich area offers a large supply of fishing waters, both smaller and larger lakes. Here you will find lake fish such as perch, pikeperch, pike, whitefish and more.

10 experiences for 2022

New Year New possibilities! We start the year with a tip about 10 unique experiences in Svenljunga and Tranemo that we challenge you to try in 2022!

Antiques, unique places and western Sweden's nearest wilderness


Limmared is known for its antique shops and glass history, Trivselbygden with its large selection of small-scale cafes, shops and cultural heritage and last but not least the nature area Fegen which invites to fantastic paddling experiences.


Hofsnäs Herrgård & Torpa Stenhus

The area around Torpa Stenhus and Hofsnäs Herrgård offers many experiences in a compact space. Swim in the lake, browse the indoor market, enjoy a meal at Hofsnäs or join a guided tour at Torpa Stenhus. Here you will find activities suitable for all ages. The area also offers beautiful nature which is ideal for walking...

A red log cabin with white corners

Eriksons Cottage in Ljungsarp offers accommodation in a unique environment. Nestled between lake and forest with peace and quiet just around the corner. Book a comprehensive package of food and accommodation unique in character.

Rustic, simple and quiet

With a sense of mindfulness and 18th century charm. The larder at Backa Loge has been lovingly prepared for guests, the only modernity being electric lighting

Unique stay with locally sourced food

The business Hemma på Klev is located a stone’s throw from the nature reserve in a unique and historic environment.