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Svenljunga tourist information and library

Library, tourist information and meeting place

Svenljunga library and touristinformation is located on the square in Svenljunga. In addition to books, films and music, the library also offers activities and exhibitions. At the tourist office we help you with tips on activities and sights in Svenljunga and the surrounding area.

Library + touristinformation at the same place

The public library is a pleasant space. Read newspapers in the newspaper room, borrow a computer or enjoy any of the library's activities or exhibitions. 

The library also work as a tourist information. Here you get help with tips on activities and attractions in Svenljunga and the surrounding area. Here you will find maps, brochures and can buy fishing licenses.

Opening hours

Find the opening hours here. 

Contact information

Svenljunga bibliotek och turistinformation

Kinnagatan 2

512 80 Svenljunga

Website: svenljungatranemo.se