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Canoeing and kayaking in Svenljunga & Tranemo

Photographer: P.R

Three regions in one destination

The Fegen area is located in southern Svenljunga. Enjoy the tranquility and experience nature in the real sense of the word. Here, the counties of Halland, Småland and Västra Götaland meet in the middle of Lake Fegensjön. You will find hiking and biking trails here, but, above all, the area is perfect for canoeing!

Convenient canoeing in Jälmån

Jälmån offers a smooth canoeing experience without any long portages. Outdoor activity provider Absolutnatur in Nittorp is on hand to help with everything you need. canoeing here is suitable for groups and families with children and Absolutnatur is happy to answer questions and help you design your experience.

Canoeing in Ätran

Canoeing in Ätran can be slightly tricky as well as a fantastic experience. Parts of Ätran can be difficult to get through, but we are in the process of upgrading the canoeing experience here.

Don’t forget to be kind to nature


The public right of access gives us freedom with an element of responsibility - do not disturb, not destroy. We ask you to please show extra consideration to fellow visitors as well as nature.

Spring is a particularly sensitive time for wildlife, animals are born and the fields are wet and soft in many areas, which makes them more vulnerable to wear and tear, while the extraordinary situation we find ourselves in requires that we show special consideration for others.