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Fishing in Svenljunga and Tranemo

Photographer: Fiska i Hillared

Find your way among the lakes

Our lakes are divided into different fishery conservation areas, according to the landowner. It is the fishery conservation areas which sell fishing licenses. The money funds maintenance of the lake, building ramps for boats and more.

Remember and respect the public right of access when you are outdoors. Not all lakes are part of a fishery conservation area, however they may be private and therefore out of bounds.

Fishing camp at Ätran

Haganäs fishing and canoe camp

Fishing on the ice!

A sunny day of ice fishing is a fantastic experience for the whole family.

But there is a lot to think about and it is not an entirely risk-free activity. Here we have collected some information on how to fish and what to think about when it comes to safety on the ice.

Tourist Information

Tourist information centres and infopoints offering brochures and staff on hand to give advice as located around the area. You can also find our brochure here.

Don’t forget to be kind to nature


The public right of access gives us freedom with an element of responsibility - do not disturb, not destroy. We ask you to please show extra consideration to fellow visitors as well as nature.

Spring is a particularly sensitive time for wildlife, animals are born and the fields are wet and soft in many areas, which makes them more vulnerable to wear and tear, while the extraordinary situation we find ourselves in requires that we show special consideration for others.