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Photographer: Tanja Mladenovic

Ambjörnarp church

A wooden church in a neo-classicist style

Ambjörnarp church is a wooden church in a neo-classicist style which was built during the 1840’s. During the most recent renovation, in 2010, the church was adapted for disabled access, and also a room was arranged for church social events and smaller services during the winter.


The builder was Johannas Pettersson from Sandhult parish and the exterior has been well preserved since the time of its construction. The church is integrated with the churches in Sjötofta, Skephult, Mjöbäck and Älvsered. 
The altarpiece is an oil painting from 1895 by Bertha Maria Ahlgren from Länghem. Behind the altarpiece, the church's original altarpiece is hidden, painted directly onto the wall with the same theme as in the neighbouring parish of Sjötofta. To illuminate the altarpiece, there is also a beautiful chandelier in the chancel, made at Limmared glassworks.


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