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Marjebo trail

Easy walk of 7 km

A lovely walk of 7 km that goes along the lake Marjebosjön. The trail is easy to walk, even with a stroller. Along the trail you pass both a barbecue area and a bathing site.

A lovely walkingtrail with good resting places

Marjebo trail is an easy walkingtrail that mainly runs on small forest roads. Marjebo lake is visable almost the whole trail and the view to the lake is in some places very beautiful. Along the trail there is also historic information about the places you pass. Iron production and Marie monastery are some of those places. After about five kilometers you pass a bathing site which can be a lovely stop on a warm summerday. The trail also has a barbecue area overlooking the lake. The last kilometer of the trail goes on a larger road.

The trail is well signed with red markings and there are also signs telling you how far you have walked.

The trail also has its special history

The trail passes the house Lilla Qvarsebo where Joseph Hansson, the man who became the parliament's president in the 18th century, was born.

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Mossebo Hembygdsförening

Mossebo Yttergården

514 91 Tranemo

Phone: +46 702 927712

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