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  • Photographer: Moga Fritid/Svenljunga kommun

Moga Fritid

Swimming pool, leisure facility, running track and camping pitches in Svenljunga

Moga Fritid is a local authority-run facility located in central Svenljunga. Facilities include swimming pool, sauna, running track and camping pitches for hire.

Swimming pool and wellness facility

Moga Fritid is a complete sports facility which offers several gymnasiums, a gym, sauna and more. There is also a popular swimming facility with three different pools and jacuzzi. Grab a coffee in Moga's café before or after your visit.

  • Photographer: Svenljunga kommun

  • Photographer: Svenljunga kommun

Running track 

Moga Fritid has four shorter running tracks which can be combined to create longer workouts. 

Green track: 1.1 km
Black track: 1.7 km
Red track: 2.3 km
Blue track: 2.7 km

Camping pitches in a central location

The green space around Moga Fritid has four pitches for hire. In the adjoining building you will find toilet and shower facilities. The pitches are a short walk from the main square in Svenljunga.

Contact information

Moga Fritid, Svenljunga kommun


512 54 Svenljunga

Phone: +46 325 181 92

Website: To homepage