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Photographer: Svenska kyrkan i Kind

Tranans Cafe and Second Hand

A nice place to meet

You can enjoy a cup of coffee and a light snack here, or you can find something in our second hand store.

A place for everyone to meet

Tranans Cafe and Second Hand is run by the Swedish church in Kind, via Tranemo parish. They want the business to be an enjoyable and fun place for everyone. So, come in for a coffee break or have a look around all the second hand bargains we have in the store. Our volunteer hosts really are doing important work for the company. They do volunteer work such as baking for the cafe, waiting tables, or taking in previously-owned goods. You’re very welcome to join us!

If you want to donate anything

In the ‘second hand’ department, they’ll happily accept your items that you wish to give away, such as children’s clothes, ornaments, porcelain, household items, linens and textiles, as well as smaller items of furniture. (If you need help with transport, let us know so we can arrange a solution). Income from sales goes to the church’s work within Tranemo parish.


Contact information

Tranans café & second hand

Storgatan 16

514 33 Tranemo

Phone: +46 325 61 21 66

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