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Tranemo Swimming and Sports Hall

A place for all ages to meet

Tranemo Swimming and Sports Hall offers you lots of different types of exercise and family activities. Under one roof you can find paddling and fitness pools for all ages, and sports halls that are equipped with everything you need for most indoor sports. Next to the hall is our gym, equipped with strength and conditioning machines.


You can take swimming lessons here, or you can try aquatic training, or just have fun! The swimming baths feature a 25 metre fitness pool, a kids’ pool with lots of pool toys, a steam room, infrared sauna, and also an amazing bubble pool that you can relax in.

Sports hall/Gym

We often arrange competitions, activities, gymnastics, dance classes and much more in our two large sports halls. The gym is equipped with exercise bikes, treadmills, weights, machines, etc.

There’s also an eating area with a cafe and a kiosk so you can sit and have a coffee break after your swim.


Contact information

Tranemo sim- och idrottshall

Limmaredsvägen 2

514 32 Tranemo

Phone: +46 325 57 64 50

E-mail: simhallen@tranemo.se

Website: To homepage