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Photographer: Robert Dahlberg

Seakayaking – A day tour around Pinnö and Otterön

A full day kayaking in open water

Take some friends on this lovely day trip with seakayaks around the beautiful islands outside Grebbestad, starting from the village of Grönemad.

Quick facts

Distance: 18.5 km (10 Nautical miles)

Length: Full day

Suitable for: Beginners and experienced kayakers

Conditions: Open water, sea environment

Explore Grebbestad’s archipelago by kayak!

Outdoor activity company Skärgårdsidyllen Kayak & Outdoor have created this enjoyable kayak route, which is perfect for an adventurous day in the archipelago and includes many beautiful beaches.

The tour starts on the beach in Grönemad, where it is easy to launch the kayaks. Then we recommend that you head west towards the cluster of small islands and skerries of the so-called Gåsöarna (Goose Islands). Check out the steep rock wall between Norra Gåsö and Gåsöhumpen. You might see some adrenaline fuelled bathers as they venture out onto the 14 metre high Gåso cliff to leap out into the sea.

Photographer: Robert Dahlberg

The first coffee break - Pinnö

Then, depending on the weather and your experience, you can either stay inshore or offshore as you continue south after the Gåsö cliffs. On the inshore route you kayak between Stora Kännskar and Södra Gåsö and set your sights on Solust and Snäckstranden (Snail Beach) on the northeast side of Pinnö. The crossing between SödraGåsö and Solust can be a bit bumpy as it is open water and there are no skerries to shelter behind.   

When you reach the beach on Pinnö you can enjoy a break for fika and take a dip to snorkel around and explore the clear water and the very fine oyster bank. Keep in mind that the oysters cannot be picked because they belong to the landowner.

Photographer: Jeska Hearne, Lobster & Swan

Look for seals

Paddle further south towards Otterön. If you are lucky, you will see seals at Testholmarna. Remember to stay out of the main channel and instead make your way along the inlets and skerries where the boats cannot go. However, be respectful of the seal and bird populations so that you do not disturb the wildlife.

On the east side of Stora Måkholmen there’s a beach where you can easily pull up your kayak. Make sure you drag it a couple of metres up from the shoreline in case the sea level rises while you’re having a break. From here you can see the Weather Islands in the south west, and the Nordic Seafarm seaweed farm towards the east. Make sure you don’t paddle through the aquaculture areas which are demarcated with large yellow buoys and full of smaller white buoys, go around them.

From the kayak, you see the rocky island of Musön reaching towards the sky and stone cairns that people have laid like a work of art.

From Stora Mäkholmen head East towards Musön and head into the Musö salt marsh (Musö-sältan). Take a walk on Björnåsen before heading back north.

Photographer: Roger Borgelid

Do you fancy an ice cream in Tanumstrand or dinner in Grebbestad?

You’ll now find yourself in the archipelago and not far from the mainland. If you want you can pull up on one of the beaches by Tanumstrand or in Grebbestad, where you can buy ice cream, go to a cafe or enjoy dinner, before paddling between the lighthouses at Svinnäs, northwest of Grebbestad, on your way back to Grönemad.

See hallbarskargard.se to find toilets and other useful information.

For an even better experience book a guided tour with the Skärgårdsidyllen and get even more out of your day?

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Fact about the trail


18.5 km (10 nautical miles) depending on route options.

Approximate times:

About 8 hours. Allow a whole day to have time to enjoy the kayaking and beautiful surroundings. 


Open water, marine environment.

Think about:

Remember to take drinking water and life vest along with mobile phone and extra clothes in a waterproof bag or container.

Check the current weather forecast with your rental company before setting off.


If you have previous kayaking experience and know rescue procedures, we recommend that you rent a kayak and explore the beautiful archipelago on your own. If you have no previous experience we strongly recommend that you start with a beginner’s course before heading out.

Level of difficulty:

The degree of difficulty is largely dependent on the wind. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • 1-3 m/s: Light breeze
  • 4-6 m/s: Gentle breeze
  • 7-9 m/s: Fresh breeze
  • 10-12 m/s: Strong breeze
  • 13- m/s: High wind (not recommended)

Suitable for:

Beginners and experienced kayakers.

Start and end:

Grönemad, Grebbestad.

How to get here:

Driving towards Grebbestad, turn west off the main road (Tanumsvägen) just before the church onto Grönemadsvägen. Follow the signs and the road until you see the sea, then take the last exit road on the right (signposted Grönemads småbåtshamn). There is a large parking lot down the hill, near the shore.

If you have booked a kayak you will find it at Skärgårdsidyllens Sjöbod which is south of the car park (to the left as you look out to sea), more specifically; Grönemadsvägen 73. If you use Google Maps you can enter "Skärgårdsidyllen" and select the centre on Grönemadsvägen.

There are also clear directions on Skärgårdsidyllen's own website.


Routemap for the kayak tour on Google Maps.

Contact information

Skärgårdsidyllen Kayak & Outdoor

Grönemadsvägen 73

45795 Grebbestad

Phone: +46 708 12 20 29

E-mail: Send e-mail

Website: skargardsidyllen.se/