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Food & Coffee around Lake Åsunden!

Recharge your batteries! Visit one of our pleasant establishments serving wonderful coffee with freshly baked cakes as well as simple lunches. Welcome!

Restaurants and Cafés

Torpa Café

Next to Torpa Stone House is a cosy coffee shop where you can enjoy a cup of coffee with something home-baked.

The café seats 130 guests indoors and 40 outside.

You can also buy delicacies from Torpa Farm in the café.

Venison is perfectly suited to modern cooking methods. It’s naturally low in fat and ideal for quick cooking at high temperatures, like on the barbeque, in a wok or in the oven. Examples of products available from the shop are smoked boneless joint of venison, smoked shoulder, tasty smoked sausage and fresh saddle of venison.

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Hofsnäs Country House Café

Food is important to us in the countryside. Not for us ready-meals or simple solutions, but food cooked with care and tradition. In our country house kitchen the old traditions are still alive and well, with lots of butter and love. Naturally we also spice things up with a pinch of new ideas. Selected suppliers offer safety and high quality.

Specialities from our beautiful region are the main ingredients in our kitchen at Hofsnäs. The café offers delicious sandwiches and meals inspired by the changing seasons, or why not enjoy a cup of coffee with home-baked cakes.

Home at Källebacka - Marbäck, Ulricehamn

Hemma på Källebacka is a farm shop and café in a carefully preserved manor house dating from the 18th century. It is filled with flowers, interior design products and works of art – and everything is for sale. Organic homemade bread and pastries will simply to add to your delight!