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Photographer: Cykla och vandra i Sjuhärad

The Redväg Trail
Trädet, Ulricehamn

Enjoy the beauty of Ätradalen

A 47 kilometer long trail through gently undulating countryside, in the north of the municipality of Ulricehamn. The walk offers many fine natural and cultural experiences, such as the fantastic Baktrågen Nature Reserve and the historic dugout shelter; jordkulan in Nöre.

What to see

The 47 km long hiking trail runs through a slightly undulating landscape in the north of Ulricehamn. The trail runs mainly along forest roads and paths. Some sections of the trail follow the winding Ätran river through Ätradalen. Along the walk, you will experience many fine natural and cultural attractions, such as the nature reserve Baktrågen and Jordkulan in Nöre. At Timmele there are traces left of the old bridle path which during the 1300s was the province's main highway from Halland and up through Falbygden. Shortly after Frännarp,  the Redväg Trail connects the Åsunden trail to Lassalyckan's Friluftsgård, where the trail ends. 


The trail is well served with designated picnic areas. In Nöre the Jordkulan dugout shelter is about 100 metres from the trail, a rest area with a grill spot, shelter and toilet. There’s another shelter, suitable for stops and overnight stays, between Dalum and Blidsberg, near Ormestorp. Blidsberg offers cafés, shops and a basic camp-site.  Frömans Brygga in Trädet, 2 kilometers from the trail, offers overnight cabin accommodation and camping. In Ulricehamn Hotel Lassalyckan is situated right by the trail, and in the centre of town you’ll find more accommodation, shops, restaurants and other services. If you want to sleep outdoors, this you can do according to the 'Right of Public Access' rules. 

Fact about the trail


47 kilometer, but the trail is easy to shorten.


Orange markings (a short part has yellow markings).

Level of difficulty:


Start and end:

The Redväg Trail runs between Kronogården i Trädet, in the northern parts of Ulricehamn Municipality, and Lassalyckan in Ulricehamn. It's also possible to walk the trail in reverse order, starting at Lassalyckan Friluftsgård.

How to get here:

Public transport: There are buses with Västrtrafik going from Ulricehamn to Trädet. Check the time table and the departure times beforehand! There are frequent connections with public transport to Ulricehamn from both Jönköping and Borås.


Maps are available at the tourist offices in Sjuhärad.

Contact information

Ulricehamns Kommun

Phone: +46 321 595229

E-mail: kommun@ulricehamn.se