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Photographer: Cykla och vandra i Sjuhärad

Baktrågen Nature Reserve
Blidsberg, Ulricehamn

The shape of a baking trough

Interesting from diffrent point of views

Baking Trough

The nature reserve Baktrågen (The Baking Trough), near Blidsberg, is interesting from a geological, historic and botanical point of view. The ridge can - with a bit of imagination - be likened to the shape of a baking trough.

Magnificent Oak trees

The hollows are kettle holes formed by blocks of ice broken off when the icecap melted. Today, parts of the nature reserve are covered by magnificent oak trees, below which the groundwater has broken through creating marshes where orchids grow. There is also a nature path with information.

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Baktrågen, Ulricehamns kommun


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