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Photographer: Cykla & vandra

Jordkulan in Nöre
Nöre, Ulricehamn

Restored cottage

The cottage was inhabited until 1885, when the last residents moved out.

Walls of stones

The walls are partly made of stones and the floor is of trampled earth, there is only one small window by the roof ridge. The cottage has been restored and is always open to visitors. There is also a newly built log store-house.


Nöre is a small village situated notrh of Ulricehamn city, between Timmele and Dalum in the municipality of Ulricehamn, Västra Götaland county. It lies close to the parish of Böne.

Contact information

Jordkulan i Nöre/Ulricehamns Turistbyrå

Staffansgården i Nöre

523 92 Nöre

Phone: +46 321 59 59 59

E-mail: turist@nuab.eu

Website: To homepage