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Photographer: Robert Dahlberg

FAQ – Camping for dummies!

Here are the answers to the most - and least - common questions about camping life in Bohuslän.


What is it really like, staying on a campsite? Are the cabins open all year round? Do you have to wear Crocs? Must you love mini-golf? How do you get past that annoying barrier? We have put together some of the most common questions and answers*. 

*Not all campsites are alike, so there may be local differences! 

I have never stayed at a campsite before - how does it work?

That is a very sweeping question, but the short answer is pretty much the same as other accommodation. Book your stay (the easiest way is on the campsite’s website), then just turn up on the day. Not complicated! Or you can just drive in and hope that it’s not fully booked. 

Do you need to have a caravan or tent to stay at a campsite?

No, almost all campsites have plenty of cabins in different sizes and standards. Sometimes there are hostel-style rooms. Here is a list of all the different types of accommodation you may find at a campsite. 

Photographer: Mikael Pihlstrand

Which season is best for camping?

That all depends on what you want. The summer will always be the most popular camping season, when you can soak up the rays and swim around the clock, but more and more people are discovering the charms of the great outdoors in the spring and autumn (and even the winter). Off-season is probably the best time for those who want peace and quiet, with the coast to yourself. Many people believe that seafood is at is best in the winter half of the year, since the sea is at its healthiest then. 

How do I know whether camping would suit me?

Hmm, this is a very subjective question. Not everyone feels comfortable about sleeping in a tent or in a caravan, sardine-style. But staying in a cabin is like living in a small house, and most can manage that without any problems. So we’re going to stick our neck out and say that everyone should try camping at least once! 

Still not convinced? Read more here about why you should stay at a campsite. 

Do you have to play mini-golf?

Definitely not -  but it really is good fun! 

Mini golf was launched in the United States in the 1920s and came to Sweden in 1931. Over the years, mini-golf has become associated with camping. Many places now have comical and sometimes unusual courses, and then it is called Adventure Golf. Did you know that there is actually a world cup for mini-golf? 

Photographer: Fabas

Can you buy food?

Yes, most campsites now have a restaurant, café and a shop. You can also cook meals in one of the service buildings, or in your cabin if you have booked one. 

What can you do on a campsite?

Well, how much time have you got? Seriously though, modern campsites have an almost endless number of activities. There are pools and associated areas, ziplines, climbing walls, kayaks for rent as well as pedal boats and fishing gear (and that’s just a few of the things). 

It’s important to point out that you don’t have to do all those things, just because you’re staying at a campsite. You could equally well use it as a place to sleep and spend your days discovering the west coast of Sweden by boat, for example. 

Will the mosquitoes ruin the summer holiday if I choose to camp?

One of the best things about the west coast (apart from the shellfish, fantastic landscapes and cheerful people) is how few mosquitoes there are here - significantly fewer than in other parts of the country, due to the salt water in Västerhavet. Mosquitoes just don’t like it here, thankfully. Of course, you’re bound to meet more insects on the deck of a cabin than when your in a closed hotel room. 

If I arrive after the reception has closed, what should I do?

If you have booked your cabin or camping pitch in advance, the camping staff will always ensure that you have access to your place even if you arrive after reception hours. Feel free to contact reception so that they know when you will arrive. 

What do I do if the barrier is down?

If the barrier is down and you need to check in after closing hours, some campsites have automatic check-in stations, rather like at airports. If you have booked in advance, staff from reception will usually leave a key for you. 

The barrier is usually down in the daytime to avoid unwanted or disturbing traffic, apart from those who live in the area. The barrier opens when you swipe an access card, which you are given when you check in. At night-time the barrier is closed for security and to avoid any disturbance. However, it is always possible to drive out and emergency services can always pass. 

What should I take with me?

Camping staff will ensure that it’s warm and comfortable in the cabins, service buildings and all other indoor premises. Remember that you spend a lot of time outdoors when you’re camping, though. Check the weather forecast and pack your clothes according to the expected weather. A wind- and waterproof jacket, comfortable trousers and walking shoes are always good to have with you. If you’re staying on a campsite outside the summer season, don’t forget a fleece or woolly jumper, hat, gloves and wind- and waterproof trousers. 

I thought everyone walked around in Crocs and tracksuits. Am I wrong?

Ha ha - it sounds like you’ve seen the sketch from the TV series Macken. No matter how funny the sketch was at the time it doesn’t reflect what modern campsites look like,  so if that’s what you’re expecting you may be disappointed! People these day just wear ordinary clothes, the everyday style. Camping is a holiday, after all! 

Can I stay at a campsite in the winter?

Yes, there are several campsites and resorts in Bohuslän that are open throughout the year. Bring your caravan/camper or stay in a warm cabin (only winter-ready cabins can be booked, of course). The reception is open and you can book in advance. 

The following campsites are open all year round: Daftö, Lagunen, Hav & Logi, Grebbestadfjorden and Hafsten. The others open on different dates, but generally around Easter. 

Will the cabin be warm when I arrive? 

Definitely! If you have booked in advance the camping staff will ensure that the cabin is heated when you arrive. 

What is a service building?

All campsites have one or more service buildings that are always open, which have toilets, showers, washbasins, washing machines, a kitchen area with washing up facilities and a baby changing table. These areas are shared by all the guests, so be sure to leave them as clean and tidy as you would like to find them. If you live in a cabin you probably have your own kitchen, shower and toilet - but you can use the service buildings too, of course. 

Are the service buildings open all year round? 

As long as the campsite is open, the service buildings are open too. 

Are there sheets and towels in the cabins?

This varies from one campsite to another. Check whether sheets and towels are included when you book in advance, or if they are extras you can add. 

What about cleaning the cabin?

At most campsites, guests clean the cabin before leaving, but it is possible to pay to have it cleaned. Check if it’s possible to buy cleaning services when you book, or whether you must clean the cabin yourself. 

This is the first time I arrive with my caravan - can I get a little extra help with parking if necessary?

It’s good to train reversing your caravan before doing it on site, but many places offer assistance and the neighbours are often helpful. It may be easier to unhitch the caravan and simply push it the last few metres. There is now an accessory for you to remotely control the caravan from a radio unit as you are standing next to it. Isn’t technology fantastic? 


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