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    Kayaking in West Sweden

See West Sweden from a kayak

If you’re interested in kayaking then West Sweden offers a great variety of water to choose from. See the West Coast’s unique archipelago with its thousands of skerries and islands, Lake Vänern and Europe’s largest freshwater archipelago, and Dalslands magnificent system of lakes and waterways.

Keep reading to find more information about the different kayaking destinations and activity providers in West Sweden.


Popular areas for kayaking



Kayaking in Bohuslän 

- The world’s most beautiful archipelago.

Bohuslän is one of the world’s finest coastlines to explore by kayak. From the Gothenburg Archipelago in the south to the Koster Islands in the north, Bohuslän offers sensational kayaking. There is something for everyone; untouched national parks, cosy fisherman’s shacks, wild water and tranquil inlets.

Bohuslän offers a string of easy starting points and along the entire coast there are kayak companies that offer everything from guided tours, to rentals, or kayaking courses. 

Kayak companies in Bohuslän:


Popular kayaking daytrips in Bohuslän:

Kayaking in Västergötland

- A multitude of kayaking possibilities in sweet and salt water.

You will find the biggest variety of kayaking possibilities in Västergötland. In the north is Lake Vänern, Sweden’s largest lake and an enormous inland sea. Home to Europes biggest freshwater archipelago with 22,000 islands. There are possibilities for kayaking in the archipelago between Mariestad and Lidköping. 

Further south in Västergötland is Borås region, an area for all nature lovers and for those that prefer kayaking in in smaller lakes and rivers. Here you will find, among others, the river Ätran which stretches all the way down to the Falkenberg coast.

In and around Gothenburg there are more options for kayaking. Everything from secluded forest lakes to kayaking on the sea in Gothenburg’s southern archipelago and along the canals in the city centre. Read more about kayaking in Gothenburg.

Kayak companies in Västergötland: 

Kayak companies in Göteborg and next to Göteborg:



Popular day trips on Vänern:

Kayaking in Dalsland

- Sweden’s Lake District

With its unique lake system and dense forests, Dalsland is one of the most popular kayaking areas in Europe. You can glide over lakes up to 100 metres deep, paddle along the Dalsland Canal or through the locks all the way out onto the inland sea, Lake Vänern.

Dalsland's southern lakes offer safe conditions, perfect for ’social’ kayaking that takes you past small communities and through picturesque lock systems along the Dalsland Canal.

In the northern parts of the lake system, more magnificent countryside and more challenging kayaking awaits. The lakes are larger, which means that the waves are a little higher and the distances a little longer, but you will be rewarded with magnificent surroundings and some real adventure.

Kayak companies in Dalsland: