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Hike the Coastal trail , Kuststigen

The Coastal trail, Kuststigen, is one of the most scenic hiking trails in West Sweden. It stretches from the island of Tjörn in the south, all the way up the west coast to Oslo. Some of the stages are on islands in the Bohuslän archipelago.

The Coastal trail, is a bit like Sweden’s answer to the classic “cinque terre” trail in Italy. The contrasts along the way are marked, with everything from picturesque boathouses and swing bridges, to deciduous forests, ancient rock carvings and fantastic sea views. There’s an incredible amount to see and experience. Large parts of the Kuststigen follow the same route as the Soteleden Trail. The most action packed stages are listed below.

10 km, moderate

Kuststigen Nordens Ark – Anneröd

The hike starts at popular Nordens Ark, a zoo giving endangered animals a future, and ends at Anneröd beech forest near Bovallstrand. Along this stage’s 10 kilometres there are several ancient monuments, like the celebrated Åbyristningen rock carvings.

14 km, moderate

Kuststigen Anneröd – Bovallstrand

Hike from the Anneröd Hogsäm nature reserve to the pretty coastal village of Bovallstrand, a 6 kilometre stretch. Along the way you’ll pass several viewpoints, ancient monuments, and walkers huts and shelters, by Stensmyren tarn amongst other places.

6 km, easy/moderate

Kuststigen Bovallstrand – Hunnebostrand

The stage from Bovallstrand to Hunnebostrand takes you through idyllic seaside villages to places rich in history and has stunning views of the archipelago. This stretch is 14 kilometres long. Don’t miss Uddenskulptur with its fantastic outdoor exhibitions of stone sculpture.

6 km, easy/moderate

Kuststigen Hunnebostrand – Sotekanalen

Start the hike in the old stone cutting village of Hunnebostrand and finish 6 kilometres later by the Sote Canal, where the bridge crosses over to Ramsvikslandet. Just before the bridge you’ll pass “Mor Lenas stuga” (Mother Lena’s Cottage), a little stone cottage dating back to the 1700s.

14 km, moderate

Kuststigen Ramsvik

14 kilometres of extensive, wave sculpted rocky landscapes, interspersed with heaths, meadows and smaller wetland areas awaits out on the Ramsvikslandet nature reserve. This area is also known as the Kingdom of the Rocks and invites spectacular views out to sea.

13 km, moderate

Kuststigen Väjern – Tullboden

This stage starts in the little fishing village of Väjern, just north of Kungshamn. The hike is 13 kilometres long and goes through forests, by giant’s cauldrons and pretty heathlands. You’ll pass several lovely beaches where you can have a dip before you finally reach Tullboden.

14 km, moderate

Kuststigen Kungshamn – Tullboden

Hike from Kungshamn to Tullboden, a 14 kilometre stretch. Terrain on this stage is varied, from bare rocky landscapes in the quarried areas to lush valleys, and peat bogs dotted with pines. Take the opportunity to make a little detour to visit Smögen.

10 km, moderate

Kuststigen Bohus-Malmön

This stage is out on the island of Bohus-Malmön. It’s a lovely island with quaint houses, rocks and cliffs, and sparkling blue lagoons. The hike is a little over 10 kilometres and takes you round the whole island. Dotted around you’ll see remains from the glory days of the stone cutting era.