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Hjo harbour in sunset.

Photographer: Jesper Anhede

Hjo Wharf

  • Visit Hjo, Tourist Information Center

Enjoy what the wharf has to offer!

Activities in Hjo wharf

  • Take a Swedish fika at the Ice cream café Moster Elins Glass (open April-September)
  • Buy fish from lake Vättern at the fishing shop
  • Have a picnic and enjoy the view! Why not use the free-of-charge-bbq-area at the southern lighthouse (bring your own barbecue briquettes)
  • Spend some time at the playing ground for kids
  • Visit some of the restaurants in the wharf area: Hjo Sik, Hamnkrogen, Restaurang Bryggan
  • Enjoy a drink at the bar Norra Piren
  • Spend some time at the heated pools (free of charge) Guldkroksbadet. Open June-August
  • Take a trip with the Steam Boat from 1892 - Trafik! You can do round trip on the lake or take a day trip to Island Visingsö or cross the lake to Vadstena or Hästholmen. Two times every year you also enjoy a ride and experience the jazz cruise. Several tours during June-August - booking is done through Hjo tourist information
  • Relax on the floating sauna which you find in the wharf. Contact by phone: +46 730 67 88 00, mail: info@hjoflytbastu.se

The history

In, 1847, Hjo’s General Hall Council decided to build a wharf. Said and done, between 1851-1855 the wharf was built and it was considered, at the time, to be the best on lake Vättern. Today, only two of the original buildings remain, the storage warehouse and the small security building, which now houses one of the ice cream cafés. But, despite the big changes, the wharf looks pretty much the same as it did in 1855. During peak season, this is a place bustling with activity and together with friends and family, it’s a great place to enjoy a good meal, a refreshing ice cream or something nice to drink. If you’re lucky, you might even get a glimpse of one of the fishermen returning with the catch of the day, or the steamer Trafik making its way into the wharf as the sun sets after a full day’s journey to the island Visingsö.

Lake Vättern - Swedens second largest lake

Wherever you are in this town, lake Vättern is always close, that’s why it’s easy to take a quick and refreshing dip on a hot summer’s day. There are several bathing areas, both in and outside the town centre. In Hjo itself you can, for example, bathe at Guldkroksbadet’s sandy beach, with no admission fee, or take a dip further south along the so-called ”beach stroll”. If you would instead prefer to go out on the lake, you can take a steamboat ride with S/S Trafik, enjoy a quiet moment in the wood-fired floating sauna in the port, or why not bring your own paddleboard and set off on the calm waters of Lake Vättern?

Would you like some more information?

Would you like to know more about what to do in Hjo? Don't be shy - contact the Tourist Information Center in Hjo and they will help you out, click on the link and you'll find the information you need.