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Photographer: Regina Cederfeldt

Gåsö Skaftö

Partly a nature reserve with many species and ideal for long beautiful walks

Outside Skaftö there is a fantastic archipelago. Gåsö, a large island with houses on the eastern side, is situated in the centre of the area. It is partly a nature reserve with many species of flowers and plants. There are nice walking paths for all ages. Bring your picnic and take the boat out.


If you step ashore in the small village, you end up in the middle of nice old wooden houses from the big shipping era. Here are old guest houses and a bath house from the time of the bathing resort. There is also a small chapel, which previously served as a school.

Gåsö today

Not far from the agglomeration of houses, there are grazing cows on large shore meadows with rare plants. On the outside (western side) of the shore meadows the hiker is lead on to a variety of rocks to wander on and to swim from. On the north side there is a nice bathing area suitable for children and also an earth closet for hikers and boaters. 


Bring your own picnic as there is no shop on the island. During the summer there is usually a kiosk open.

A boat departs summer time from Grundsund. 


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