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Västra Rossö & Kockholmen

The nature reserve is located about 11 km south of Strömstad. It is located on the south-western part of the Rossö and directly adjacent to the Kosterhavet marine national park.

Welcome to Kockholmen and western Rossö

The peninsula of Kockholmen, the beaches on western Rossö and some of the surrounding islands are included in Kosterhavet National park. Kockholmen is renowned for its geology with giant bowl-shaped hollows and extensive areas of shingle. The flora of the sea shore has a hign botanical value, and includes rare plants such as yellow horned poppy and oyser plant. The bedrock is dominated by light, grey-red bohus granite. To the far southwest there is a wide strip of unusual and dark coloured rock called rhombic porphyry exposed to the surface. Rock pipits are often seen on the rocky outcrops and several pairs over winter each year. many different butterflies, dragonflies and other insects do well among the floweering herbs and grasses. 

On Kockholmen and where you park there are really nice spots to have a swim. 


Grazing sheep wander freely on Kockholmen and ensure that the coastal meadows do not become overgrown. Show respect, do not feed them and dogs must be on a lead all year round. 

Please not that it is forbidden to camp in the nature reserve (included the parking lot). 

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