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Överlida fishing area

Fishing in western Svenljunga

Överlida FVO includes Stora and Lilla Hallången, Mjöasjön, Bredasjön and Stora Djupasjön. Perch, pike, lacustrine fluvial whitefish and even the eel can bite when you fish here.

Fishing in Överlida

Five lakes are part of the fishery conservation area of Överlida. The lakes are all located around the village and offer some great fishing! 

Lakes Bredasjön, Mjöasjön and Lilla Hallången

These lakes are about 2-3 kilometres long and 0.5 kilometres wide, with a maximum depth of 20 meters. There are shallow places with rock beneath the surface.
These lakes are home to perch, pike and roach. In Mjöasjön you will also find pike, whitefish and eel.

At the northern end of Stora Hallången lies the former feldspar mine Gräne gruva. Barges were used to transport the feldspar across the lake to a location adjacent to Överlida Camping.

Stora Djupasjön

Stora Djupasjön is a typical lake surrounded by forest in a beautiful old-fashioned agricultural landscape on one side of the lake. There is ample opportunity to catch perch and pike, but lacustrine fluvial whitefish, roach and eel also live here. This lake is known for its giant eels, unfortunately these are becoming rare. 

Stora Hallången

Stora Hallången is the largest lake in Överlida FVO. The lake is about 3.5 km long and 1 km at its widest point. It is deeper 40 meters at its deepest parts. Perch weighing 2.6kg and pike of 17.9kg have been caught here, and large rudd is also said to be found here. Zander has been introduced in the lake. Other species found here include roach, whitefish, tench and eel.

There are two beaches, one is Näset with a lovely barbecue area and Vita Sand which is accessible by boat. 

Fishing Permits & Rules

Up-to-date prices and rules are available on the area’s website or at ifiske.se. 

Fishing in Svenljunga

There are close to 300 lakes and streams in Svenljunga local authority area, which offer a great variety of fishing. Here you can fish for both game and wild fish. The beautiful surroundings make you want to stay for longer and return again and again.

Find your way to Svenljunga

Svenljunga local authority area is located in Västra Götaland county to the southwest of western Sweden . To the south we border Falkenberg in Halland and Gislaved in Småland by means of the beautiful Fegen nature reserve. Our local authority area boasts more than 300 lakes and many streams.

There are great opportunities for recreation, including hiking, cycling, canoeing and fishing.  Svenljunga is part of the Sjuhäradsbygden in the region of Borås and can be reached by Routes 156 and 154.

Contact information

Svenljunga Turistinformation

Kinnagatan 2

51280 Svenljunga

Phone: +46 325 181 99

Website: overlidafvo.se/