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Photographer: Kjell Börjesson

Fegen nature reserve

Canoeing, biking, hiking - Find tranquillity in genuine wilderness.

Experience western Sweden, Småland and Halland at the same time! Fegen nature reserve spans part of all three. Experience fantastic fishing and canoeing spots, beautiful hiking trails and unspoilt nature.

About Fegen nature reserve

Fegen nature reserve spans an area totalling 9.7 square kilometres and has been a protected area since 1980. In 2012, the area was transformed into a nature reserve. The nature reserve is located in Falkenberg, Svenljunga and Gislaved local authority areas and extends into the three counties of Halland, Jönköping and Västra Götaland.

Fegen is a beautiful lake district consisting of Lake Fegen and surrounding areas. Lake Fegen is just under 24 square kilometres long and has a depth of 38 metres. It is one of the larger lakes in Sweden. It is a very popular area for outdoor activities with its rich bird life and its varied landscape.

Interesting wildlife

It is home to the acutely endangered Coregonus trybomi, a spring-spawning type of cisco. The lake is also home to at least 16 other species of fish, including whitefish, zander, white bream and alpine bullhead. Fegen is home to birds such as the osprey and black-throated loon. Both species nest in pairs, while other species of bird such as the redshank, great black-backed gull, goosander and Canada goose also live here.

Photographer: Johanna Sander


The area offers canoeing, cycling and hiking. The hiking trails Pilgrimsleden KindaholmÄtradalsleden and Gislavedsleden pass through parts of the reserve. 


It is prohibited to travel through or visit the bird protection areas between April 1 and July 31. During this period, it is also prohibited to drive motor vessels at a speed of more than 5 knots in the area.

The right of public access does not fully apply in the nature reserve. Visitors are obliged to know and abide by any regulations in force. There is a ban on entering certain areas of the nature reserve during spring and summer. Other legislation governing what you can and cannot do in the outdoors of course also applies in the reserve.

Contact information

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Phone: +46 325 181 99