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Veka-Buttorp fishing area

Great fishing in Ätran

Fishing in the fabulous Ätran. This part belongs to the fishery conservation area Veka-Buttorp and is 11km. The stretch is characterised by both calm and rapidly flowing water.

Fishing in Ätran, Vekafallet to Buttorpforsen

There are several fishing reserves in the Hillared area. Here you will also find trout, but do keep in mind that separate trout fishing licenses are required for catching them. Fish for perch, pike, roach, trout and eel.

Fishing Permits & Rules

Up-to-date prices and rules are available at The fishing estate’s website or on their page at ifiske.se. 

Separate fishing license for trout fishing in flowing water. Trout fishing is prohibited. Any trout caught must be replaced. If you catch a trout, it is crucial to wet your hands before touching the trout in order to cause as little harm as possible. The purpose of preserving the trout is to recreate the strong and unique trout stock that once existed in the streams. Read more about trout fishing here

Fishing in Svenljunga

There are close to 300 lakes and streams in Svenljunga local authority area, which offer a great variety of fishing. Here you can fish for both game and wild fish. The beautiful surroundings make you want to stay for longer and return again and again.

Find your way to Svenljunga

Svenljunga local authority area is located in Västra Götaland county to the southwest of western Sweden . To the south we border Falkenberg in Halland and Gislaved in Småland by means of the beautiful Fegen nature reserve. Our local authority area boasts more than 300 lakes and many streams.

There are great opportunities for recreation, including hiking, cycling, canoeing and fishing.  Svenljunga is part of the Sjuhäradsbygden in the region of Borås and can be reached by Routes 156 and 154.

Contact information

Svenljunga Turistinformation

Kinnagatan 2

512 51 Svenljunga

Phone: +46 325 181 99

Website: To homepage