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Photographer: Mossebo Stom

Mossebo stom

A cosy and authentic oasis with a café and church

Come and enjoy a unique experience for people who like history, spirituality, gardens, and home-baked cakes, or who just want to relax for a while.

Mossebo Stom is a popular visitor attraction in the summer months. Busloads of people come here to experience an oasis of history and beautiful nature. The magnificently painted church and the well-preserved buildings of Stommen tell a fascinating story of a unique period in Swedish history. An unlikely fate in the 18th century and, like all churches - it’s about man and God. On Stommen’s land there is also an old poorhouse, Åsastugan, now the local cultural association’s clubhouse.

A fabulous wooden church

Mossebo church was built in 1773 and replaced the earlier 16th century church that stood in the same place. The majority of the parishioners had actually decided to renovate the old wooden church, but Josef Hansson, the farmer and bell ringer, lived on the nearby farm, Mossebo Stom. He was also a member of parliament and chairman of the peasantry, and he managed to force through his wish to have a new church built.

The church is filled with paintings on the walls and ceilings from 1774, and you could end up spending a long time looking at all the different themes.

What is a lunsaring bun?

The cafe at Mossebo Stom is well worth a visit. It’s open for several weeks over the summer. You can try all kinds of home-baked and home-made items here: cakes, waffles, juices, syrup of spruce shoots, ice cream, home-knitted goods and woodwork. Next to the café is a lovely, leafy garden that’s run entirely by volunteers. So come and try our lunsaring buns and fudge brownies. 

While you’re here

Just a stone’s throw from Mossebo Stom is Marjeboleden, an easy hiking trail that mostly goes along gravelled forest paths, around seven kilometres long.
The beautiful Marjebo lake mostly runs along the trail and the view of the lake is truly beautiful.


Contact information

Mossebo Stom

514 91 Mossebo

Phone: +46 325 750 40

Website: mossebo.com