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Welcome to Vänersborg

Photographer: Kent Eng

Visit Vänersborg by Lake Vänern

Explore the small city of Vänersborg by Lake Vänersborg where the water is always close by. Enjoy the beautiful nature, the old houses, the rich cultural life and adventures on both water and on land. 

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Lake Vänern by Vänersborg

Vänersborg has a 100 kilometers long coastline which gives its visitors a big variety of experiences and sights to enjoy by Lake Vänern.

Skräckle Park

Skräckle Park is the most popular place to visit in Vänersborg with a great view of Lake Vänern, many nice walking paths, popular playground and a summer-open café. 


Dalbobergen nature reserve on the western side of Lake Vänern is a popular outdoor area for locals and visitors with many hiking paths and great views of the lake.

Popular events in Vänersborg

There is always something going on in Vänersborg. Here you can find popular upcoming events in Vänersborg and nearby Trollhättan.

Golf around Lake Vänern

Golf around the third largest lake in Europe with the Golf around Lake Vänern card. There are many golf courses to choose from.


Vänersborg Museum

Take a trip back in time in Sweden's oldest preserved museum. Here you will find exotic artefacts from all over the world, brought here by local explorers.


Vattenpalatset, or The Water Palace, is an indoor waterpark with activities for both children and adults such as a water slide, swirl canal and a cave.

Dalslands Alpacka

Meet an alpacka at Flybo Gård, just north of Vänersborg. Here they arrange alpacka activities, just make sure to book your visit in advance.

Ursand Resort & Camping

Family camping north of Vänersborg with a spectacular sandy beach with lots of fun activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Hiking in Vänerstad

Follow the water around Vänersborg with this 10 kilomter long hike. On the way you will pass by several popular sights in Vänersborg.

Brinkebergskulle lock

The lock at Brinkebergskulle is located just south of Vänersborg and connects Lake Vänern with the Göta River. Here you can find hiking trails and a summer-open café.


Visit Trollhättan

A perfect day trip from Vänersborg is to visit the city of Trollhättan, famous for producing Saab cars and the impressive locks area among other things.

Visit Ecopark Halle- and Hunneberg

Just outside Vänersborg you will finde the table mountains Halleberg and Hunneberg. A perfect place to visit if you are intrested in Swedish nature and outdoor activities.