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Photographer: Michael Dahl

Båstnäs car cemetary

Where time stood still...

The brothers Ivansson's car scrap has gone from being a destruction site for cars to a cultural meeting place.

A different attraction

Båstnäs is truly a different landmark, Northern Europe's only car scrapyard of its kind. If you travel from Töcksfors via Västra Fågelvik about 25 kilometers on winding gravel roads, you will come to a sign where it says "Här slutar allmän väg" (Here the public road ends), then you are in Båstnäs and the car graveyard and things may feel a bit unreal.

Cultural meeting place

The car cemetery is a monument of a time that has gone by. Now the cars in Båstnäs can be seen as an installations where nature is the most important player. Over the years, Båstnäs has become a cultural meeting place for artists and, above all, photographers from all over the world.

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