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Photographer: Jonas Ingman

Opening hours

Traveling on the Dalsland canal is first and foremost a peaceful experience - with idyllic lock stations and mighty natural scenes, a labyrinth of lakes and canals. At each lock there is a lock keeper who guides you and give you information about the area.

Peak season 2024
June 12th -  August 18th

June 3rd - June 11th
August 19th - September 1st

The closing time is not the same as the last time to pass through the lock. The basic rule is that you can´t start lock through if you can´t finish before closing time. After closing time, it is not possible to use the lock.


12–23 June
Monday–Sunday 11.00 a.m.–4.00 p.m.

Håverud 09.30 AM - 5.00 PM
Buterud 10.30 AM - 4.00 PM
Billingsfors 10.30 AM - 4.00 PM
18e 10.30 AM - 4.00 PM
19-20e 10.00 AM - 4.00 PM

Due to renovation the lock station in Lennartsfors will be closed until June 20th.

24 - 30 June
Monday–Thursday 9.00 a.m.–7.00 p.m.
Midsummer eve (21/6) 11.00 a.m - 04.00 p.m
Midsummer day (22/6) 11.00 a.m - 04.00 p.m



1–31 July
Monday–Sunday 9.00 a.m.–7.00 p.m.

Håverud  8.00 a.m.–8.00 p.m
Upperud 9.00 a.m.–8.00 p.m.


1–11 August
Monday–Saturday 9.00 a.m.–7.00 p.m.
Sunday 10.00 a.m.–5.00 p.m.

12-18 August
Monday–Sunday 10.00 p.m.–5.00 p.m.

19 August - 1 September (limited opening)

Lennartsfors Monday–Sunday 12.00 p.m.–4.00 p.m
Gustavsfors Monday–Sunday 12.00 p.m.–4.00 p.m
Krokfors Monday–Sunday 12.00 p.m.–4.00 p.m

All other stations are closed.

Subject to possible changes.


Pre- and post-season  - on request

June 3rd - 11th
August 19th to September 1st

During pre- and post-season and you have to book your passages in advance. The fee for lock opening is 425 SEK per lock station in addition to the regular fee. We can open the locks monday - friday during pre- and post season. 

Pre-book by emailing: bokning@dalslandskanal.se. We need your request no later than three days before you want to pass through the locks.

Our office opening hours during pre- and post-season:
Monday – Friday at 09:00–16:00

The lock station in Lennartsfors will not be available until June 20 due to renovation and pre-booking for going through the locks in Lennartsfors will therefore not be possible during the low season.

Keep in mind!

At all lock stations, you may not begin to lock through if it is anticipated that lockage will be completed after closing time.


Opening hours - The bridge at road E45 in Köpmannebro 2024

The bridge opens every day during the summer.

June 12th - 23th
At. 11:30
Kl. 14:00

June 24th - July 28th
At. 10:00
At. 13:30
At. 17:30

July 29th - August 18th
At. 11:30
At. 14:00

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