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Overview maps

Here you will find a list of all the nautical charts you might need when you travel to, from or on the Dalsland canal. Further down you can download some overview maps.

Nautical chart - Dalsland canal & Trollhätte canal

2020 a new combined nautical chart for the Trollhätte Canal and the Dalsland canal was published (Båtsportkort Trollhätte kanal - Dalslands kanal 2020). It includes maps, information about guest harbours, fairways, service, sights and canal history. Only available in Swedish. The chart is printed on water resistant paper.
Price: SEK 560 exclusive postage.

Order your Nautical chart here

During the summer, when the canal is open you can also buy the nautical chart for the Trollhätte Canal and the Dalsland canal at; Köpmannebro, Lennartsfors, Töcksfors and Upperud. 

Nautical charts - to and from the Dalsland canal

Göteborgs hamn 9312 och 9313
Vänersborg-Köpmannebro 135, Chart Lake Vänern
Lake Vänern incl Säffle canal 131-134, 1331
The Halden canal Chart & map - Haldenvassdraget
Halden-Göteborg Chart - Västkusten norra och Västkusten södra
Malmö/Köpenhamn-Göteborg 921-925, 931 

Photographer: Christiane Dietz

Canoe Country

Canoe Country is a combined canoe map and handbook for canoeing in the Dalsland canal lake system. The book is a must for anyone planning to canoe or kayak in the area. 

Order your "Canoe Coutry" here 


Overview maps

Here is the Dalsland's canal:



Map of the Dalsland canal:



Roundtrip Dalsland canal / West coast:



Overview of the Dalsland Nordmarken (DANO) area: