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Fire ban

General information about the fire ban

The Right of public access (Allemansrätten) gives you no general right to light fires. From 1 June to 31 August, a fire ban applies in the lake system Dalsland Nordmarken, which tells us that one can only use the prepared fireplaces on the camp sites.

From time to time there is a total ban on burning and then all use of open fire is prohibited, even in the fixed fireplaces. It is your duty as a guest in the area to inform you of any fire ban.

For current information call:
For Dalsland: +46 (0) 531 526115
Värmland: +46 (0) 54 155015.
In Värmland, a red flag with a yellow cross is raised at strategic places when there is a fire ban.

Download the app Brandrisk Ute for current fire risk and forecast via GPS and search function.


Here is a link to the county administrative map service where there is a fire ban or not!