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  • Photographer: Jonas Ingman

Icecream cafés by the canal

At three lock stations along the Dalsland canal you will find the perfect opportunity to eat ice cream and watch the boats pass by in the locks. A visit to one of the ice cream cafés along the Dalsland canal is an obvious stop during the summer.

Here you can buy the large "canal ice cream", coffee and other good stuff. Sit comfortably under an umbrella and watch boat after boat gliding past you towards new targets. We have three cafées along the canal. 


Ice cream café at the lock station in Köpmannebro. 
Opening hours
June 13- 26 at 11:00 -16:00
June 27-30 at 11:00-17:00
July 1 - August 7 at 11:00-18:00
August 8-14 at 11:00-17:00

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Lock café that serves ice cream, waffles and other sweet things. At the lockstation and bridge at Lånbron.
Opening hours

June 6 - August 21 at 10:30 - 18:00

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Ice cream café at the lock station in Lennartsfors. 
Opening hours

June 13-26 at 11:00-16:00
June 27 - August 14 at 12:00-18:00

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If possible and the weather is beautiful, the cafés hold the same times as the locks. Locking precedes, of course, so it's up to the lockkeeper to decide if there is time for ice cream after hours. Opening hours may be extended during the month of July.