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Photographer: Jonas Ingman

Welcome with your leisure boat on the Dalsland Canal

Welcome to a 253 km lakesystem where 17 lockstations conect lake after lake and form the Dalsland canal. From Köpmannebro by Lake Vänern in the south to Östervallsskog, in Värmland in the north. We wish you many great holiday memories and a wonderful and safe travel on our beautiful canal.   


Opening hours in 2022
May 30th - August 28th 

Peak Season
June 6th – August 21st

Pre-season: May 30st - June 5th
Post-season: August 22nd – August 28th

Buy all your tickets at the Dalsland canal online

You can buy your tickets in advance and travel on the Dalsland canal more easily. The ticket is sent to you by e-mail and can be printed out or be displayed on screen. Our lock keepers will scan your ticket using a ticket reader at each lock station.

Safety precautions due to high flowing water in the canal

The extensive rainfall has brought strong flowing water in several places along the Dalsland canal. The following measures have been taken to guarantee the safety in the canal:

Töcksfors lock
Both locks in Töcksfors will be kept closed until the situation normalizes. Lock guard is on site to help and inform.

Buterud lock
We advise canoeists not to go through Buterud lock and boats going south are advised to have clear speed at the entrance to Buterud lock station.

This has also affected the routes of the tour boats, which can lead to queues, especially in Håverud and Dals Långed.

Other locks and passages are currently not affected and can be used as usual.

Plan your journey

Planning your journey on the Dalsland canal is not about planning so much in detail. It is to enjoy the nature, the silence and pleasant company. Take your time. But we have listed information like:

Operationg times
Waiting times
Tips for a faster passage

So that you can plan your time at the canal.

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