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The Dalsland canal

Photographer: Lykke Andersen


Travel on the Dalsland canal this summer. The lakes, the wild nature and the silence. Buy your tickets today and plan your trip whenever you want. Our canal tickets are valid for the entire season.


Buy all your tickets online

You can buy or your canal tickets online. This means that you can buy your tickets in advance and travel on the Dalsland canal more easily. The ticket is sent to you by e-mail and can be printed out or be displayed on screen. Our lock keepers will scan your ticket using a ticket reader at each lock station.

Between February 23 and April 15 you get a 15 % discount on all of our canal tickets.


Tickets & fees

We offer various ticket types to suit your journey. The canal ticket price is based on boat type, the length of the boat and the number of lock chambers at the lock(s) in question.

Return ticket
We offer a return ticket for longer journeys. This ticket gives you access to the entire Dalsland Canal lake system, on both the outward and the return.

Length Regular price
Up to 4.99 m 2200 SEK
5.00 m - 6.49 m 2850 SEK
6.49 m - 7.99 m 3600 SEK
8 m - 9.99 m 3900 SEK
10 m - 13.99 m  4200 SEK
14 m and longer 6200 SEK

Single ticket for motorboat & sailboat
A single ticket makes sense if you are taking a shorter trip involving just one or a few lock stations. For longer journeys, we recommend that you purchase a return ticket.

Map - lock stations

Canoe / kayak

When traveling through the canal by kayaking the ticket price is based on the length of the canoe / kayak and the number of lock chambers at the lock(s) in question. The fees for canoes and kayaks are lower than for pleasure boats. 

In addition to the regular lock fee, we charge an extra fee for dinghies.

Season ticket
If you are a member of a boat club based anywhere along the Dalsland Canal, you can purchase a season ticket. The season ticket costs SEK 900 and allows you to pass through the locks at a discounted fee.

See all the prices here

Ticket display
As our lock keepers will scan your ticket using a ticket reader, you need to be able to display a printed or digital copy of your ticket. If you do not have a valid ticket to display on arrival at the lock, you can purchase a single ticket directly from the lock keeper with Swedish cash.

Pre- and post-season - on request
During pre- and post-season and you have to book your passages in advance. The fee for lock opening is 425 SEK per lock station in addition to the regular fee.

Pre-book by emailing: info@dalslandskanal.se. We need your request no later than three days before you want to pass through the locks.


General terms and conditions on the canal


If you need more information about the tickets or season tickets, pleace contact us.

Dalslands Kanal AB
Phone. +46(0)530 - 44750