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Photographer: Morgan Karlsson

Stockevik Skaftö

Business from fishing and guest houses have become important transfer site

Stockevik is located in a valley between Fiskebäckskil and Grundsund. Here people have lived from small farming and fishing for centuries. Nice walking and cycling paths connect the three communities while Stockevik is an important transfer point for those who make the crossing over to Gåsö.

Herring and shipping

Stockevik is located in a valley between Fiskebäckskil and Grundsund. Here people have lived from small farms and fishing for centuries. During the herring period in the second half of the 16th century people settled down more permanently in Stockevik, mainly in the northern side of the bay. The herring was caught with nets and pulled ashore by teams of fishermen. On the bridge in Stockevik there was a herring saltery. Between the herring periods, poverty spread and people had to look for other ways of income. Shipping increased. Both fishing and shipping were important for Stockevik until the 20th century. Fishing and whaling off the coast of Iceland also occurred. There were thirteen ships registered with Stockevik as their home port. Today the harbour is full of pleasure boats.

Summer guests invade Stockevik

It was the healthy water for external use, which also became the gateway to water treatment for external use. Seaside resorts began to grow up along the west coast. Bathing and breathing salty water gave health. In Stockevik there have been three guesthouses: Stockeviks Nya Pensionat, Pensionat Solhäll and Stockeviks Pensionat. There were also rooms in the private houses for summer guests. In the guesthouse there was a grocery shop and later also a small post office. The last guesthouse closed down in 1955 and the grocery shop closed in 1974. A residential area just behind the old houses has been built, but not many houses are inhabited in the winter.

The ship owner Thordén

Sunnerborg from the other side of the bay is considered to have been named in the 16th century when merchants from Sönderborg, Denmark, visited the site. Here is also Thordén's big summer house, the shipowner in Uddevalla. 

Terminal and transfer point

Stockevik is a stopover if you come by car, but an important crossing point for those going on to Gåsö on the other side of the Gåsö fjord. On the Gåsö fjord you can see all boats on the "E6", the motorway for boats at sea. If you want to cycle or walk there are nice walking and cycle paths both to Fiskebäckskil and Grundsund.

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