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Refuelling on the Dalsland Canal

It is possible to obtain fuel and oil at multiple sites within the lake system. Below is a list of refuelling sites located by the berth and nearby the jetty.

Bunker stations at berth

Köpmannebro (lock) Diesel, unleaded 95
Dals Ed (guest harbor) Diesel. Call the number on the nearby sign and it will be delivered.
Töcksfors (lock)  Diesel, unleaded 95

Bunker stations nearby the jetty

Bengtsfors (north of the guest harbor)  Diesel, unleaded 95
Dals Långed* (around 200 m from the lock)  Diesel, unleaded 95
Lennartsfors* (around 200 m from the guest harbor)  Diesel, unleaded 95

*Carts can be borrowed to transport cans