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Dalslands Konstmuseum

Photographer: Kajsa Kax

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Dalsland's canal is not a straight canal but rather a network of large and small lakes joined together by short distances of man made canals. Therefore, there are plenty of beautiful routes to choose from. This means you can visit the Dalsland canal time and time again and constantly find new places and routes to explore.

The southern part of Dalsland canal

Not Quite

Köpmannebro - Fröskog

Culture & freshly baked bread

Traveling time: 3 hours
Recommended time: 1 day
Lock stations: 3 (Köpmannebro, Snäcke & Strömmen)

After you have taken on Lake Vänern and passed Köpmannebro, you can choose to turn into the Snäcke canal which takes you towards Fröskog and Fengersfors. In Fengersfors you will find Fengersfors mill and the cultural center Not Quite with exhibitions, stone oven bakery and bistro. In Fröskog, do not miss the beautiful chipboard-clad wooden church with authentic peasant baroque paintings.


Baldersnäs Manor

Between Upperud & Bengtsfors

Pass some of Dalsland's biggest attractions

Traveling time: about 6 hours
Recommended time: 2-3 days
Lock stations: 10 

The busiest stretch along the canal with many places worth visiting. You pass Dalsland's most popular sight - the aqueduct in Håverud in the middle of Dalsland's center which offers restaurants, exhibitions and cafés. Here you can also start a tour the passenger boats. Just a walk from Håverud is Upperud where you will find Dalslands Konstmuseum with its café, well worth a visit.

On the way north, you pass the rock carvings in Högsbyn, Baldernäs Herrgård and Dalsland canal's most photographed lock 18e.

As one of the hubs along the canal, Långbron is a natural stop. Here you can hop on / off the rail bus and passenger boats and many people visit the small ice cream café in the lock. The town of Dals Långed, which is known for its art academy, is just a short walk away.

Bengtsfors is one of the larger urban areas along the canal with restaurants, shops & services. Here you can rent canoes, bicycles or trollys. The trollys course starts at Bengtsfors and takes you towards Årjäng. Feel free to visit Majberget with its museums or load up with sweets from the candy factory.

The northern part of Dalsland canal

Årjäng center

Bengtsfors to Årjäng

Shopping, trotting & troll

Traveling time: 4 hours
Recommended time: 2 days
Lock stations: 1 (Gustavsfors)

After passing Bengtsfors, you can choose to turn towards Gustavsfors, which offers a restaurant, grocery store and one of the world's smallest mill museums. Many trolley bikers take the opportunity to make a stop here. If you continue north, you will come to Årjäng. The only city along the Dalsland canal that attracts with shopping, trotting track and its 8 m high troll. You can also choose to lock through Krokfors and explore the beautiful lake Östra Silen.

Töcksfors shoppingcenter

Lock station in Töcksfors

Bengtsfors - Töcksfors

The northernmost part of Dalsland canal

Travel time: about 6 hours
Recommended time: 2-3 days
Lock stations: 2 (Lennartsfors & Töcksfors)

The route towards Töcksfors offers beautiful scenery and wild nature. Töcksfors is known for its cross-border trade and large shopping center. Töcksfors canal takes you on to the northernmost part of Dalsland's canal and the Norwegian border.

Dalsland Moose Ranch

Bengtsfors to Dals-Ed

Nature characterized by the ice age

Traveling time: 6.5 hours
Recommended time: 2-3 days
Lock stations: 1 (Lennartsfors)

After the majestic lock staircase and an ice cream stop in Lennartsfors you can choose to head south towards Dals - Ed. A route where you sometimes go on the Norwegian border through Stora Le. Make a stop in the charming harbor in Nössemark with a café and a beach and continue towards the urban area that offers everything from MC museum to moose park. The nature in the area is raw and majestic and you can see how the ice shaped the landscape.

Traveling time = Calculated after 8 knots in open water + max 3 knots in the channels. The time is also calculated without waiting times, other traffic and stops on the way.

Arvika - Just a lift away

Book a land transport from Årjäng or Töcksfors to Arvika. Then take the Säffle canal, also known as the Viking Trail, out to Lake Vänern. Of course, you can also make the journey the other way around.