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Photographer: Henrik Trygg

Hiking in Dalsland

Hiking is a fantastic way of experiencing the great outdoors, getting some exercise,and simply relaxing. Here are some of Dalsland’s best hiking trails.

You can wander for hours on the quartz mountains of Dalsland and enjoy the expansive views or take yourself out to Vänerskärgården on fine footbridges. Walk to Norway through a unique national park, take forest walks or enjoy a multi-day hike following in the footsteps of former pilgrims. The hiking trails in Dalsland are just as varied as the landscape itself.

Camp site by the lake Livarebosjön in Dalsland

The Pilgrim Path, 100 km

The Pilgrim Trail is over 100 kilometers long. The varied and scenic trail takes you from Vänersborg via Holms church outside Mellerud to Edsleskog. Along the footpath in the northern part are fresh camp sites with shelters and fireplaces but you can also choose to stay in a hotel or hostel and arrange transport between stages. The Pilgrim Trail has some difficult passages with hilly terrain and long uphill climbs. On the other hand the hiker is rewarded with incredible views. The new southern part from Vänersborg is easier to walk and stretches mostly along the roadside.

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Detailed information about the Northern part

Photographer: Roger Borgelid

Yttre Bodane

Experience both the forest and the archipelago. There are a number of hiking trails and guided tours in this fascinating nature reserve on the shores of Lake Vänern. The hiking trail follows a relatively hilly terrain, where log walks and bridges offer access to Vänern’s islands and skerries.

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Tresticklan Nationalpark

Tresticklan National Park

The Tresticklan National Park is located 20 km northwest of Ed and offers untouched forests, beautiful lakes, and unusual terrain. From the air, the countryside looks like a washboard. The innumerable rocky ridges run from north to south, and between them lie valleys with lakes and marshes. The area offers a number of different trails. If you take the Halleleden path, you will come to the Norwegian border and the Budalsvika tourist cottage after 3.5 km, after which you can, if you wish, continue your hike in the Lundsneset nature reserve on the Norwegian side of the border. If you’d rather do a round trip and end up back where you started, the Tresticklaleden trail is a good option that will also take you to the highest point in the park, Orshöjden, where you can see for miles and miles! If you start off at the eastern entrance to the trail, you will walk a total of 8 km.
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 Hiking trail Stenebyleden at Dalslands Aktiviteter

Steneby trail, 1,1 km

The path is made completely of wood and winds through a jungle-like landscape right next door to the Steneby nature reserve. The design means that the path is accessible to both wheelchair users and baby strollers.

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Walk the pilgrim trail from Upperud 9:9

Hike on Dalsland’s beautiful pilgrim trail! You start and finish your hike with comfortable accomodation and a tasty, homecooked dinner. In between you find your way through 40 km of wilderness along the Pilgrim trail. You spend one night in a campsite along the trail.

More trails for hiking

There are a lot of trails for hiking in Dalsland. Long, short, hard and easy. All of them with beautiful nature. You find them all here.