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Photographer: Regina Cederfeldt

The Coastal path

Meandering hiking trail all over Skaftö

On Skaftö there are bicycle and hiking trails that coincide with the Coastal path in Bohuslän. The Coastal path meanders out on Skaftö and offers the opportunity to experience the stunning scenery. The path leads sometimes a bit from the coastline and sometimes along the shoreline with exciting passages and viewpoints. If you want to experience yet another pearl in the archipelago, you can go to over to Gåsö.

Go walking and biking along the blue Coastal path

The Coastal path is indicated with blue colour marking on poles. There is information about places of interest along the hiking trail. From the bridge over to Skaftö the Coastal path meanders down on both sides of the Skaftö, sometimes with extra circuits, before it stretches out and coincides with a bicycle trail from Östersidan via Fiskebäckskil and Stockevik to Grundsund.

Discover Skaftö along the Coastal path

Not far from the bridge over to Skaftö one reaches the nature reserve Vägeröd. Further ahead is Fiskebäckskil, the shipping community and seaside resort with well-built houses from the end of of the 19th century. In Fiskebäckskil is also the artist Carl Wilhelmsson's magnificent house. The national romantic villa was built 1911-1912 and is located on a rock overlooking the bathing area Bökevik. Further along the Coastal path you will find the nature reserve with rich orchid meadows, Gröderhamn. Later on you pass the Colera cemetery at the foot of Åseberget, Skaftös highest point with 60 m. At the far end of Skaftö the Coastal path reaches Grundsund, a genuinely old fishing community.

The lighthouse at the utmost view point of Islandsberg

From Grundsund there is a hiking trail towards Islandsberg. At the far end of the lighthouse from the top of the cliffs the view of the archipelago is overwhelming. The house is now a privately owned summer house. If the gate is open, it is allowed to visit the area, but when the owners are there the gate is closed and you have to stay on the rocks above.


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