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Kulturvägen ekomuseum Västergötland
Falköping, Ulricehamn, Tranemo

Eat, Stay, and Do - A hundred experiences, close to nature

Kulturvägen Ekomuseum Västergötland is a collective name for a large number of tourist destinations in the region between Falköping, Ulricehamn and Tranemo, and their surrounding areas.

The area of experiences

Kulturvägen Ekomuseum Västergötland is an area of experiences, where visitors can meet the association's members - small-scale rural entrepreneurs and non-profit associations - within rural accommodation, restaurants and cafes, locally produced food, activities, arts and crafts, and much more, combined with nature and history.


The southern part - Ätradalen - has been an important connection route to the inner parts of Sweden for millennia . Ätrans dalgång (valley) is lined with old riding trails, settlements, ancient fields and burial grounds, with a uniquely beautiful small-scale agricultural landscape, a cultural landscape worth preserving.


In the northern part - Falbygden - people began to cultivate the land as early as the Stone Age and lots of interesting ancient monuments remain to remind us of that time. Even today, agriculture is an important industry here with large, modern farms for the production of meat, milk, cereals and other crops.

Feel free to take a look at the association's website. We have a brochure that’s printed in Swedish, German, and English. You can find it in tourist offices and InfoPoints in Ulricehamn, Falköping, and Tranemo. You can also download the brochure here.

The tourist offices in Falköping (0515-88 70 50), Ulricehamn (0321-59 59 59) and Tranemo (0325-57 60 30) will tell you more about the tourist destinations in the area.


Contact information

KULTURVÄGEN Ekomuseum Västergötland

Falköping, Ulricehamn, Tranemo

Phone: +46 709733336

E-mail: info@kulturvagen.se

Website: kulturvagen.se