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Photographer: Jan Töve, ulricehamnsturistbyra.se

Cycle Tour around Åsunden lake

A daytrip with lake views

Welcome to scenic Ulricehamn, located in West Sweden landlocked between Borås and Jönköping. This day trip will take you on a scenic bike ride along Åsunden lake with views of the fir-clad hills and through two nature reserves.


The beautiful walk along the lake Åsunden in Ulricehamn

Photographer: Jan Töve

Great cykling opportunities

In Ulricehamn you will find great walking and cycling opportunities. This day trip around the lake will take you on a scenic bike ride along Åsunden lake with views of the fir-clad hills and through two nature reserves. At Skottek you can take part of Åsunden story that tells of "Battle of Bogesund". Along the way you pass a dozen mansions related to Birgit Th Sparre's novels about the mansions around the lake.

Half of the way is car-free along Ätradalsleden/Ätradal Trail. The rest of the tour meanders on asphalt and low traffic road.

Start in Ulricehamn

A good idea is to start  your cycling adventures on the pedestrian embankment in a southerly direction, from the central parts of Ulricehamn.

Around Åsunden lake is part of Birgith Th Sparre's novels "Farms around the lake" with the interesting story from her homeland. Most of the mansions are privately owned.

Two nature reserves

On the way you pass two nature reserves, Kråkebo and Korpebobergs forests. Along the trail there are swimming areas and picnic places with the opportunity to stop and eat your brought along food packages. In Vegby there is a very nice café and Hulu/Tvärred you will pass a supermarket where there is a chance to buy something to eat or drink.

Ulricehamn is a pittoresque city with a rich nature and a vibrant city center. Here are several great bike and hiking trails, such as Sjuhärad Circular Bike Trail. We also recommend Åsunden walk, Kallbadhuset and good food at Hotell Bogesund or Restaurant kallbadhuset.

Take the opportunity to visit Hofsnäs Manor with its beautiful nature and good food and Torpa Stonehouse, one of the best preserved medieval castles. Both are included in the mansions around the lake. If you want to know more contact Ulricehamn Tourist Office.

Description of the bike road

First part, car-free embankment (15 km). The remaining route less low traffic road. After Brunnsnäs bikes once again on the car-free embankment. 42 km in total. 

Contact information

Ulricehamns Turistbyrå

Järnvägstorget 2B

52330 Ulricehamn

Phone: +46 321 59 59 59

E-mail: turist@nuab.eu

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