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  • Photographer: Gaby Karlsson Hain, Dalslands Turist AB

Evenstorps Gård

Organic farm at the foot of the hills

You can buy certified organic beef, home-grown raspberries and rhubarb at the Evenstorp farm shop. Watch Hereford cattle grazing in the pasture land while you enjoy crispy waffles with raspberry jam made at the farm.

Add rhubarb to the certified ecological raspberries

Evenstorp Farm is 10 kilometres west of Brålanda in Färgelanda municipality, just at the foot of the Kroppefjäll nature reserve, with the beautiful Sundals Ryr plains as a backdrop. This ecological farm is a great place to visit, both for youngsters and mature tourists!

Sit on the terrace or next to the small farm animals and enjoy the café’s home-baked cakes, made with its own and locally produced ingredients, accompanied by coffee, tea or other beverages. The menu is shorter in the winter, of course, but you can still enjoy crispy waffles with raspberry jam!

  • Photographer: Olle Gustafsson

  • Photographer: google free to use

As well as the delicious raspberries and rhubarb the shop also sells home-made products such as cordials, vinegar, jam, marmalade, chutney and mulled wine. It also has eggs, honey, different fruits and vegetables and dry-aged certified ecological beef from Evenstorp’s Hereford cattle.

Pasture land with a nature reserve just around the corner

Children will be fascinated by the many different animals to watch and pat, such as mini-goats, alpaca, Shetland ponies, mini-pigs, rabbits and hens. There is a unique rock carving within walking distance from the farm and the Kroppefjäll nature reserve has some great walking and cycle paths as well as lakes for swimming, fishing and canoeing. Ask about the farm café’s refreshment pack for your day trip!

  • Photographer: Gaby Karlsson Hain, Dalslands Turist AB

  • Photographer: Lena Lindberg Wong, Dalslands Turist AB


Contact information

Evenstorps gård

Evenstorp 200

464 63 Brålanda

Phone: +46 730 26 79 95

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Website: evenstorpsgard.se/