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Have a fika

Fika is the most Swedish thing you can do. In the Swedish culture, a fika is a natural part of the day. To sit down together with a cup of coffee, something sweet and take a common break. Of course you will find nice places for a fika in Dalsland. Many of our cafés use local products full of what nature and the garden offers.

Most of our cafes are beautifully located and attract long coffee hours in the sun. Take the opportunity to try a Dalsland/Värmland specialty - Klengås. Klengås should be enjoyed freshly baked and with a lot of butter.

Not Quite Bistro

In the old smithy at the mill you will find what in France is called a bistro - café, restaurant & bar. Exciting pastries and stone oven baked bread. There is also plenty of space outdoor in the park.

Café Bonaparte

Nuntorp Gård

Come in for a coffee and take a look in the beautiful farm shop with exciting products - always locally produced and a selected range of home decor.

Upperud 9:9

Cook and bake all food from scratch and like to source their produce locally and in season. Open during the summer for lunch and "fika" .

Dalsland Moose Ranch

Visit the moose cafe with pancakes, cake, light food and much more. Open spring to autumn.

Evenstorps Gård

A café and shop on a farm full of animals and berry cultivation. A fine destination for the whole family. Drink coffee, pet small animals and in the store you will find the farm's raspberry and rhubarb assortment.

Tollebol kvarn

A summer café in the old mill in Tollebol outside of Åmål. Klengås, waffles and ice cream. Also a nice farm museum for kids.

Nössemark café & restaurant

Colorful café and restaurant with fine vegan and vegetarian options. Camping, guest harbor and beach.

Ekholmen manor

This summer café offer both museum, farm shop and café. The wing, which today houses the café, was built in 1785. Enjoy your coffee and cake on the veranda overlooking the Kroppefjäll.

Café by the herb garden

In the park Brunnsparken you can enjoy home baked bread every summer, surrounded by herbs and medicinal plants. Museums, shops and gardens. 

Café by the lock in Långbron

From the beginning of June to the end of August, the Dalsland canal serves ice cream and waffles by the lock. Perfect for a summer day.

Café Stenebylängan

Find more cafes

There are plenty of cozy little coffee shops around Dalsland, especially in the summers. We have collected a list with suggestions and wish you a nice fika.