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Photographer: Gaby Karlsson Hain, Dalslands Turist AB

Camping Life

Camping Life - on the beautiful lakes of Dalsland... Camping is undeniably a way of life! More and more people discover the freedom it means to have the house with you on holiday. Home is simply where you choose to park the camper – at least temporary.

Camping is not just a way to live, it’s rather a lifestyle. Enjoying simple things like grass under your feet, no stress, relaxation and friendliness. Camping can be waking up in a tent, caravan, cottage or camper in a beautiful forest glade and taking a morning swim. It can also be an opportunity to meet new friends from different countries in one of the large family campsites – the choice is yours.

Swecamp Vita Sandar

Vita Sandars Camping outside Mellerud is a 4-star campsite next to Vita Sannar beach on Vänern’s western shore.


Ragnerudssjöns Camping

A four-star family campsite, situated in a beautiful valley at the foot of Kroppefjäll.


Gröne Backe Camping

Gröne Backe Camping is located in the lovely countryside on the outskirts of Ed. A very popular camping that has become a venue for campers from all over Europe.


Laxsjöns camping

Beautifully located by lake Laxsjön in the heart of Dalsland outside Dals Långed. Family camping with close proximity to most that Dalsland has to offer.

Nössemarks camping

In the middle of the forest, by lake Stora Lee, lies Nössemark camping with a cozy café, restaurant and guest harbor.

Dalslands camping

Live beautifully just outside Bengtsfors. The proximity to the Dalsland canal means that you can easily go on week-long tours by canoe and without having to take the same route back.

Kerstins camping

At Kerstin's Camping you live just outside Mellerud, close to shopping and attractions. Here you can rent cabins of various sizes as well as campsites for tents, caravans and mobile homes.

Örnäs Camping

Among the tall pines, rustling birch trees and with a magnificent view over lake Vänern. The campsite is well suited for fishing tourists.


More beautiful campsites in Dalsland

Dalsland is full of beautiful campsites. Åmål, Dals Ed and Bengtsfors all have a family campsite close to the city center. Or maybe you want to stay a little more secluded?