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Photographer:  Jonas Ingman

Have a good meal in Dalsland

In Dalsland we like food. Food with locally produced ingredients and local roots. Farming, hunting and our nature characterize Dalsland, which is reflected in the menus. Our restaurants draw inspiration and ingredients from nature and you are likely to find something you have never tasted before on the plate.

Genuine food in genuine environments. The cuisine in Dalsland has a lot to offer. And considering the huge availability of local raw materials from the lake, meadow and forest that our kitchen managers have to choose from in Dalsland, we wouldn't have it any other way.

Whether you are looking for a magical three course menu or a quick lunch you will not be disappointed. And since Dalsland is small, it is not far between the dining experiences.

Ragneruds kök

Here they cook food from scratch and give it time and love with locally produced ingredients from Dalsland and western Sweden.

Upperud 9:9

Cook and bake all food from scratch and like to source their produce locally and in season. Open during the summer for lunch and "fika".

Not Quite Bistro

In the old smithy at Fengersfors mill you will find a restaurant / café, simply what in France is usually called a bistro. Simple but genuine dishes and pastries.


 Dals Långed
"Stenebygrytan" at Dalslands Activities is a well-known modern tavern with locally produced food with with plenty of venison.

Håfveruds Brasseri

Not far from the aqueduct is Håveruds Brasseri with a salmon smokehouse and restaurant. They serve great salmon dishes and their fish soup is renowned.

Nuntorp Gård

Serving classic Swedish lunch from scratch every weekday, also a fine meny on Saturdays. Visit the farm shop where they sell food products from the entire local area.

Åmåls Stadshotell

On weekdays, lunch is served buffet-style with the option of take away. In the evening you enjoy good food and drinks in "Bakfickan".

Baldersnäs kök

 Dals Långed
Restaurant in a manor environment surrounded by the beautiful park.


Nössemark café and resturant

Open in summer with camping and guest harbor with good food with fine vegan- and vegetarian options.

Forsbacka golfrestaurang

Restaurant by the golf course that serves breakfast, café and lunch every day during the golf season.


Reataurant Dalia

The restaurant at First Hotel in Bengtsfors offers modern dishes with local flavors from local producers.

Roynes sjömagasin

Visit the charming magazine by the water of the Dalsland canal.


The pub on the hill

Summer pub at Laxsjöns Camping site with pizza, burgers and pasta.



An obvious stop for anyone traveling on the E45. Fine home cooking, famous shrimp sandwiches and good pastries. Tössestugan is rustic, homely and has many regulars.


Wärs - Wärdshuset på Dal

Lunch, pub and weekend menu at classic Wärs in the middle of Mellerud.

Kanya café & restaurant

 Mellerud  Ed
Thai, sushi, cakes and cookies. Eat well either in Mellerud or Ed.

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