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Photographer: JOACHIM NYWALL

Cross-country skiing in Trollhättan

Cross-country skiing in Trollhättan during the winter

Trollhättan's artificial snow facility offers 1.8 km of wonderful cross-country skiing!

In cold weather during the winter, you can go cross-country skiing in Trollhättan. Welcome to Trollhättan's artificial snow facility, which offers 1.8 km of wonderful skiing and a snow area for children and beginners.

You will find Trollhättan's artificial snow facility at Skidstugan Strömslund, Skidbacksvägen 17. (Google Maps)

The entire artificial snow track is 900 meters long and consists of an 8 meter wide snow bed with two tracks for classic-skiing and one for skate-skiing in the middle. There are two turning points along the track and it is illuminated so you can ski even when it is dark.

Trollhättan's artificial snow facility is open for cross-country skiing when the weather allows. It is free to go, but you are welcome to leave a voluntary "track contribution" to the association that goes to their work with the ski track. The ski track can be fully or partially open depending on the weather and temperature. The track is open to everyone, remember to have fun and show consideration!

Trollhättan's artificial snow facility is owned by the City of Trollhättan and run by Trollhättan's Ski and Orienteering Club (TSOK) with support from the business community. To make artificial snow requires about 6 degrees below zero. There is no cooling system but the water is cooled naturally by the outdoor temperature.

At Skidstugan Strömslund there are also exercise tracks for walking and running, marked mountain bike tracks and an outdoor gym that can be used all year round. With the cross-country ski poling machine, you can train your ski muscles all year round!

The association TSOK is responsible for the snow-making and the maintanance of the track.

Trollhättan's artificial snow facility is now open for cross-country skiing.
Address: Skidbacksvägen 17, 461 58 Trollhättan
Free parking near the track.

As the weather varies, we recommend that you check the track conditions on TSOK's website: https://www2.idrottonline.se/idrottonlineklubb/trollhattan/trollhattanssok/

Contact information

Trollhättans Skid- och Orienteringsklubb

Skidbacksvägen 17,Skidstugan

46158 Trollhättan

Phone: +46 520 429040

E-mail: info@tsok.se

Website: To homepage