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  • Photographer: Johan Lindqvist

  • Photographer: Johan Lindqvist

Fishing on Hunneberg

Relaxing fishing in among the beautiful nature of Hunneberg

Enjoy beautiful fishing in unspoiled nature on Hunneberg. Here you will find over 10 different fishing waters where each lake has its own charm. These lakes offer fishing mainly for perch and pike.


The fishing lakes of Hunneberg

On Hunneberg there are over ten lakes covered by Hunneberg's fishing license. The natural water lakes of Alsjön, Bergsjön, Ekelunds Gran-sjö, Ekelundsjön, Eldmörjan, Grinnsjö, Grågåsen, Gårdsjön, Lillsjön, Långevattnet and Lönesjön offers fishing for perch and pike. 

Fishing licenses that are valid for one day are available for purchase either at the Tourist Information Centers in Trollhättan and Vänersborg, The Royal Hunt Museum on Hunneberg or online at www.fiskekort.se. If you order the license online you will receive the fishing license as a text message and email within a few seconds. You can also buy Season tickets that are valid for one year. 

General conditions for Hunneberg's Fishing License (pdf)

Please note that Put & Take fishing in Kvarnsjön and Igelsjön is no longer available.

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